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Medisoft (Medical Imaging Software)

Quality & Convenience is the key aspects of this software. It’s developed keeping in mind the doctors’ busy schedule. It helps them to do the Video capturing, Editing & Report writing/ printing in a fast & convenient way, along with excellent quality of video & still photographs.

It’s a complete solution, which includes Capture card, Footswitch & software. This solution can be provided on Desktop as well as Laptop. Footswitch has the following three functions.

Snapshots : To take a single snap.

Start/Stop : To Start/Stop the video recording.

Pause/Resume : This is to Pause/Resume video. This switch reduces Video editing task to delete unwanted portions of video.

# Medisoft Features:

· High definition video recording.

· No check boxes on video during full screen or on Projector display.

· Simultaneous Recording & Snapshots.

· Pause/Resume function.

· No need to keep computer in OT. Computer can be anywhere in hospital & software, can be operated through footswitch lying in OT.

· Three function cordless footswitch.

· Text/Logo/Date/Time on video.

· Narration during live surgery/video editing possible.

· Background Music.

· Three line Text on video

· Crop video function helps to cut the portion of video

· Picture in Picture (PiP) embeds two videos.

· Color/Contrast settings of video.

· Speed Control(Fast/Slow) is possible in Video editing.

· With Angio Images function one can take snapshots upto 20 /second.

· 60+ transitions effects.

· Fast video rendering.

· Drag & drop format for report writing.

· Various report formats.

· Some useful features for OPD. eg. show the patient Pre /Post surgery results.

· Database of patients can be maintained.

· Email can be done through Medisoft.

· Very User friendly Interface.

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